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A World Where a Man Can Reinvent Himself

Once upon a time, when true gentlemen roamed the world, barbershops were not limited to cutting our hair or shaving our beard. For these distinguished men, going to the barber meant relaxation, tranquility. A place where they can discuss politics, sports, business or just talk about the world around them. A place where men meet to exchange and share, a place where you feel at home and where you can chat in good company.

This is exactly what Marc, creator and real Maestro of the show, wanted to create when he opened Gentleman Barber Club. After several years of experience in luxury and prestigious salons abroad, he travels the world to create a new story in Belgium.

A place where modern man is valued, a place where you can sublimate yourself on the outside, as you are on the inside. A universe where he accompanies men who feel the need to reveal themselves, where they can restore their image. A true, unique and exclusive gentleman experience where appearance and elegance are as important as our core values. These values that he conveys through his services and his expertise that he offers to each client who decides to give himself a moment in his home.

To finally sublimate the gentleman that lies within him.

At Gentleman Barber Club, it’s much more than your new haircut or your carefully trimmed beard. It is a universe that opens up to you, an experience that inspires you every day to be and become a true gentleman.

The Services



  • Beard Experience 39€

    Beard Trim + Razor Contours + Hot Towel Before and After.
    30 Minutes

  • Gentleman Deluxe Shave 45€

    The "Deluxe Shave" is a high-end service for men that includes pre-shave oil, lathering with a badger brush, straight razor shaving with passes in both directions, a hot towel before and after. It offers a perfect shave and an ultimate relaxation experience.


*Only available at Uccle

The Gentleman Deluxe - 115€

+ Hairstyle
+ Beard Styling
+ Manicure
+ Wax Depilation
+ Premium drink

Gentlemen's VIP exclusive

Savor a special moment in a space reserved just for you, whether for a treatment, a haircut, or a custom beard trim.

our strenghts

Hairstyle & Beard

Ask for the cut or style of your choice and leave with a brand new look. For your beard, our barbers make sure to offer you the best possible experience. From classic shaving to old-fashioned shaving, trust our team and find the pleasure of taking care of yourself in a gentleman environment. 

Lounge Bar & Atmosphere

We put friendliness first. Create links and exchange to have a real experience. We know your favorite drinks and we’ve got your back!

Have a drink while taking care of yourself or share a moment with us before leaving. Just relax and enjoy a true gentleman experience.

Advice & Expertise

Professional and passionate, our barbers are available to give you their best advice. Be guided by their experience : we want you to feel comfortable and to benefit from expert advice according to your desires and needs.  Sit down, relax and enjoy your moment.

They have experienced it.



It’s always a pleasure to relax with someone who’s taking care of you


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The Phenomeno


The Artist


The Poet


The Illusionist



The Magician


Salon Uccle

Chau. de Waterloo 742, 1180 Uccle

Salon Louise

Avenue Louise №83 1050 Bruxelles

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