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Holes in the beard: the 5 tips to fix it

Stop The Holes in the beard easily !

Trou dans la abrbe

You dream of a robust and well-stocked beard. Just like your neighbour, and it gives him so much charm and personality!

Unfortunately, your beard doesn’t grow as you wish and you even have one or more holes. It’s pretty frustrating and we understand you.

But don’t panic, you are just as charming as your neighbour, gentlemen. But above all we give you our 5 tips to solve it!

The causes of a sparse beard

There are 3 factors that can explain why your hair doesn’t grow everywhere or homogeneously.

One is genetics. You can say thank you to your father and grandfather because if you don’t have the fleece you dream of, it’s simply because they don’t either. The level of hair is indeed hereditary, so it is simply a matter of luck.


Then the late growth. Be patient gentlemen. You only reach your full hair potential around the age of 25-30.


And finally, if you suffer from certain disorders such as stress; folliculitis, a bacterial infection where your hair follicle becomes irritated and causes hair loss or alopecia, a condition that causes permanent hair loss to give way to scars.

Top 5 Tips to Help You

Know first of all that there is no miracle product to overcome holes in the beard. However, there are very simple ways to deal with it, such as giving it time and taking care of it.

  • Grow for at least 1 month

The best way to allow your beard to grow and you can properly assess the situation. After this time, you can see the true potential of your hair and balance areas according to their density. Just remember to maintain by drawing the contours. Test several lengths and find the one that suits you, yes but look neglected, certainly not!

  • Take care of your fleece

Give her what she needs. A good daily maintenance ritual.

It starts by moisturising and nourishing it with an oil or beard balm to purify the roots of your hair. Apply by massaging your face, they will also help you tame the hairs to hide the less provided areas.

You’ve probably heard of castor oil as a miracle cure. Although it makes the hair softer and thicker, it only promotes the growth of existing hair. It will mainly sanitise and stimulate the hair follicles. So it’s a great idea to add it to your ritual of care.

Then it is important to brush your beard. To make it silky but also to hide the desolate areas: with a good brush and a clever technique, irregularities become almost invisible.

The barber’s tips: you can also shorten the less hairy area or shave it to 1 or 2 mm.

And then we wash his beard. Using an appropriate shampoo 2 to 3 times a week to make it beautiful, silky and optimise your hair growth. We add to that a good lifestyle and the trick is done! Remember to get a complete maintenance kit from your barber, such as the Mr. BeardFamily available at Gentleman Barber Club.

You will find the complete care guide in our article “How to maintain your beard: the 4 essential gestures”

  • Fit your beard style

Choose a style adapted to your implantation and your hair remains the best way to cope with the way your hair grows. To help you choose, you can read our article “How to find your beard style: the top 10 current trends”.

  • Ask an expert for advice: your barber

Nothing better than the wise advice of a professional, dear gentlemen! Thanks to his expertise, he will be able to advise you with a personalised diagnosis to propose a style that will please and enhance you.

  • Accept yourself as you are and love yourself

Finally the best. Do not lose hope: with these tricks, you will eventually find the style that suits you and your beard. It is important to accept you as you are because that is what will make all your charm.


If after these 5 tips, you still have questions or if you are impatient and want a quick solution with specific advice,the best option is to make an appointment at your barber. It’s yours, now!

Let’s Go !

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