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How to find your beard style: the top 10 current trends

Marc ” The Maestro “

Finding Your Own Style Now !

A true fashion accessory but above all a symbol of manhood, the beard is popular with many men today. Sign of elegance, it reveals your personality and completes your style. The women even admit topreferring the bearded, more manly according to them…Gentlemen, the tone is set!

But how to choose? And how do you find the right one for you? Depending on your facial morphology, your hair, your implantation but above all your personality!

In this article, we give you current trends and explain how to choose your beard according to your face.

Current trends in beard

“The Five o’clock shadow”

A nascent beard, called the 5-hour shadow by our English friends, is worn by many men. When your hair starts growing, it forms a “shadow” on your face. The one you wear when you wake up or in the evening.

This beard style can suit everyone, especially if you have little hair on your face. It can, however, be neglected if you have strong or dark hair.

The 3-day beard or stubble

Probably the most worn beard these days! Perfect for a manly style without having to maintain your beard too much while looking well shaved. Just let the hair grow for a few days and mow evenly, up to 3-4 mm.

It will suit almost all men but it is also the one that willitch you the most. Use an oil and/or a beard balm

Short beard (10 days)

So size doesn’t matter here! Considered the most fashionable beard today, it gives a manly and elegant look. Ideal for men whose hair is not very developed or if you have holes in the beard, it will make everything uniform.

Long beard

Ideal if your beard is well supplied. From 10 cm, you can consider that your beard is long. Called a full beard, it will take up to a year to get it, knowing that your hair grows an average of 1.3 cm per month.

A long word means an interview. You’ll have to take care of it: clean, brush and hydrate to preserve. Cut your beard 1 to 2 times a month or call your barber. Modern,trendy and if your hair size allows it, we recommend you try it at least once!

Le “Ducktail” 

A structured beard with a length down effect for anoriginal and distinguished look. A progressive gradient is used with short hairs at the cheekbones and longer at the chin. This style of beard will obviously require more maintenance so do not hesitate to call on your barber for a wild but controlled rendering.

The circle beard

Classic and timeless, this beard style surrounds the mouth and consists of a beard and a mustache. Easy to obtain, it just requires regular and accurate maintenance.

It is recommended for men with hair that doesn’t grow evenly because for most of us, the chin and mustache are the areas where there is no lack of hair. Different Styles are possible according to your desires: in tip, with hairs more or less long, with or without mustache…

Balbo beard

It owes its name to its shape of anchor in reference to Italo Balbo, an Italian politician who was the first to wear it. It is a beard without sideboards accompanied by a long mustache, thinner than the goatee and forming a slight triangle on the sides.

The wild beard

The natural world! Nothing could be simpler, just let it grow for several months or even years. It requires daily maintenance and good hydration with beard oil. You should also think about styling it to remove the knots with a suitable comb.

Be sure to take care of your dress style and hairstyle or you may soon look neglected.

A beard adapted to the shape of your face

  •  For round faces

The round faces are signs of softness and kindness and thanks to a well chosen beard style, you will be able to bring more manhood. Favor a certain length to lengthen and refine the face. Avoid heavy beards on the cheeks as this may increase the roundness of the face.

Styles made for you: beards of at least 10 days, goatees, circle or Balbo beards.

  • For square faces

With pronounced jaws, you’ll be able to soften your facial expression and smooth out angles to sharpen your features. Favor short beards with clear cheeks, but if you want to accentuate the angles, we recommend the beard of 3 days or more, well cut with a short to medium length so as not to thicken the face.

Styles made for you: short or long babe, goatee and mustache

  • For oval and elongated faces

With this versatile shape, all styles will suit you. We advise you to try several of them to find the one that suits you best. However, be careful not to unbalance the face by adapting your beard style to your haircut.

If you want to reduce the length of your face, avoid hair on your chin like a goat or a goatee and long beard shapes. Choose a beard with mustache and play on the volumes with a thickness on the cheeks.

Your choice now!

Now that you have been presented with beard trends and how to adapt it to your face. Having a beard is a real way of life, it expresses your personality. Ask your barber for advice, he will at a glance advise you for an elegant and tailor-made style.

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